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Mornings Kolaches Story

Thank you for visiting our website.  We are celebrating our 25th year serving you in 2016. Who would have believed back in 1991, when the first Mornings Kolaches was opened in Clear Lake, that today there would be 6 locations.  The first Mornings Kolaches was opened in Clear Lake at the Star Plaza shopping Center in a tiny 900 square foot space.  There was only one oven, one proof box and only one cash register.  But the Salazar brothers knew that their kolaches were the most delicious kolaches and wanted the world to taste them.   

The first day Mornings Kolaches opened folks started flocking to the little shop as if it had been there for years.  Within 6 months it had become clear that the little shop would have to be expanded.  The very next year the store was moved into a 1400 square foot space in the same center.  The new space now included 2 more ovens, 2 more proof boxes and 2 more cash registers to better serve you, our wonderful customers.

Today, Mornings Kolaches receives many e-mails from adults in other cities saying that they grew up with Mornings Kolaches every day on the their way to school and now really miss our kolaches. These e-mails are an incredible blessing to read. 

Now, thanks to the folks in Clear Lake and word of mouth, Mornings Kolaches had become a success and after 3 years opened the second location in La Porte. The La Porte store was so well received by the wonderful folks in La Porte that only 2 years later the third store was opened in Deer Park. The La Porte store was originally in the old Bull Dog Gameroom and later re-located to Underwood Road. The Underwood location provided greater visibility and much better parking.  Not to mention that the landlord at the La Porte location has been a tremendous blessing to Mornings Kolaches, but that is another story.  Then, in 2006 the Deer Park store moved into the new Center Crossing Shopping Center. Customers now had better parking, better service and the very first Mornings Kolaches drive-thru. In 2001 the Friendswood store was added to the chain and that community made it a success.  In 2003 Pasadena was added and still going strong. Now in 2013 the newest store in Nassau Bay is open right across the street from NASA we are proud to say. 

This is the Mornings Kolaches story in a nutshell.  Many heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderful customers.  It has been more than a pleasure to serve you. 

Mornings Kolaches has been blessed in so many ways. We are always grateful to Don Jose, David Pearsall and American Plumbing for all of their help. One true blessing has been the great ladies and men who make Morning Kolaches come alive every morning at the crack of dawn; our beloved staff. God bless them all. Above all we at Mornings Kolaches thank our Father in Heaven for such a great story and for having kissed Mornings Kolaches the day it was born.

See you in the Mornings...

The Salazar brothers